Partnering with InsurTech Mentors — Tunde Salako

2 min readFeb 8, 2021
Tunde Salako

Hello distinguished ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tunde, I am an entrepreneur, insurtech evangelist and your go-to in the insurtech space.

The insurtech scene keeps waxing stronger year-on-year with the clear resilience it demonstrated during the pandemic year showing evident growth spurring in emerging markets and mature systems.

The tech trends reverse engineering insurance keep evolving to address the different areas of insurance spanning from underwriting, to data management, to claims administration, policy administration and the list goes on. The snowball effect and opportunities that this presents is for impact groups like InsurTech Mentors (ITM).

ITM clearly understands the importance of collaboration and is aggregating both direct and indirect stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem cutting across, insurers, re-insurers, insurtechs, corporates, investors, startups, thought leaders and enthusiasts to continually gather moss into this robust platform that keeps pushing boundaries and defying the norms.

ITM clearly set out on the part to nurture and grow the next generation of solution providers and innovators which is why I am delighted to be joining the vibrant insurtech Mentors platform as a partner.

ITM is positioned to match-make, nurture and build a resilient ecosystem as the insurtech scene grows. That’s why we have Elina ,Lara , Oscar and the rest of the ITM team working tirelessly round the clock growing the pool of the incredible startup community whilst matchmaking with corporates and stakeholders to foster this imminent growth.

Our excitement about ITM is the massive shifts that are unfolding of divergent, breathtaking players, stakeholders and partners that are shaping the future of insurance through technology. The future is here, and we can’t wait to see how neatly it unfolds with the likes of Rob Galbriath (aka the most interesting man in Insurance), Frederik Bisbjerg and Michael Waltze on board.

ITM is proud to announce its ground breaking partnership with RGAX. RGAX is a leader in the transformation in the evolving insurance landscape and has a very deep heritage in life and health insurance.

RGAX remains a recognised driver of industry innovation and we are privileged to have 5 executives from its global team joining (from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Madrid and Tokyo).

So buckle up, fasten your seat belts and come along with ITM on this amazing ride as we drop more announcements… you don’t want to miss out!

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